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We are a family-owned Nonprofit organization located in South Haven, Michigan. Leave your Devices and their Vices Behind! Experience nature without distraction at Black River Manor.

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WiFi is for Wussies!

Black River Manor

Relax and get back to Nature

We're serious when we say to leave your devices behind. The Black River Manor experience will be like the "Betty Ford of Device Addiction," and you'll be asked not to use digital devices on our property. Enjoy our "Back to Nature in God's Good Country" experiences and witness your family quickly breaking their digital addictions.

We offer overnight options for friends and family in various beautiful Wi-Fi-Free locations. Come out and support our farm and blueberry u-pick and experience nature. Enjoy a stay where the focus is on family and friends without digital distraction!

And don't think that just because we don't offer Wi-Fi, we skipped out on other modernities. Your experience isn't a trip into the mosquito-ridden Amazon; it's a journey into relaxation in Southern Michigan with a ton of activities at your disposal.

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Benefits of being a Member

Do you feel anxious after spending most of the day online? Are you embarrassed by your weekly screen time? Then Ditch the Digital and rediscover life as it should be at Black River Manor. We offer an extended opportunity for those serious about making a difference in their lives.

Our Annual Membership Packages provide a variety of valuable perks to those who want a longer-term commitment to outdoor experiences and skills advancement. Not only do you get to enjoy more time outdoors, but you also pay a discounted rate for a complete package. As a member, you'll enjoy disconnecting from the digital world several times throughout the year!

Join the club!

Black River Manor

Leave your Devices And Their Vices Behind

At Black River Manor, you'll never run out of things to do. Our property offers numerous outdoor activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay. We believe in staying fit by maintaining an active lifestyle. In addition, learning new skills or practicing existing one's top our list of priorities.

Instead of children worrying about their popularity level on social media or parents wondering what the latest world catastrophe is, step back into the real world and enjoy life again. Exercise, learn new skills, play sports, recommit to family, and experience nature.

We know that a visit to our property will leave your family with memories that last a lifetime!


We had so much fun at Black River Manor!

"When I arrived at Black River Manor I was blown away by the beautiful environment. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my family as we disconnected for the weekend and got to enjoy life!"

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Katherine Arias
Chicago, IL

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