Our Activities

So much Fun!

At Black River Manor we want our guests to have fun experiencing our natural environment. We offer a large variety of outdoor activities for your family and friends to enjoy.

Napoleon says it best, "Girls Only Want Boyfriends that Have Great Skills". We will be hosting instructional training camps throughout the year, hosted by skilled instructors. We can teach you how to fish, grow food, shoot an arrow, create with wood, sew, survive in the wild, and much more.

Remeber, Stress is for Sissies! We'll teach you some of the best stress-relief techniques our Founder uses, who knows a thing or two about stress raising nine children! Your anxiety will melt away by throwing down your devices and getting back in touch with nature. We'll build your Foundation 4 Fitness at Black River Manor for you to take back to your everyday life.

Stress is for Sissies!

Experience the Adventure

Our schedule will include family nature fests with music, fun, and educational activities. We will have nature walks to identify, and teach how to care for properly, the surrounding habitats, including trees, plants, animals, and fish. We will allow our guests to host parties, celebrations, and special events on our property.

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